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“Eve has wanted to be a marine biologist since she was 2 years old and this class has been amazing and nurturing her dream! Thank you for everything you do to make it successful and interesting!”
Jamie Ramsay


A new testimonial

My name is Natalie Bowen, and I would like to say how incredibly amazing Jill at Science-2U is.  My daughter has been home schooled for two years now, and for the first time we were planning on putting her back in classes.  The Life Science class was full to begin with, but Jill was able to talk with the teacher, and she made room for my daughter.  I cannot explain the blessing that came from the care of Jill and her staff.  My daughter has already met friends, and loves her teacher.  If you are looking to put your student in any type of Science class, I highly recommend this program.  Thank you, Jill and your staff for literally changing my daughter’s life.  She is so excited to be in your program, and I am forever grateful for you all. 

In sincere gratitude,

Natalie Bowen

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Summer Marine Biology Memories

What a great time we had at Seal Beach

with M&M Surfing School!

Please contact me when you schedule this again!

Marine Biology Camp