Chemistry Textbooks

Please purchase the following book with the solutions manual that goes with it. I have seen these on as well as other used book sites.

Product Details:

I recommend we switch to a new book this year as it is less math intensive and is easier on the eyes. We will allow the students to use whatever book they want this year as long as you purchase the solutions manual or study guide that goes with it so they can follow along with the steps used to correct their own homework. We will provide you with a syllabus of the topics and you can follow along in whatever book you have.


World of Chemistry (2007)

Holt/McDougal Littel by Steven S. Zumdahl (Author), Susan A. Zumdahl (Author)

World of Chemistry: Teacher Resources Solutions Guide-Teacher’s Edition

by Steven S. Zumdahl (Author), Susan A. Zumdahl (Author), Donald J. Decoste (Author)