Have you ever worried that you can’t teach your children science well? Do you have a fear that science will be too complicated or will take too much time or be too expensive to do yourself? And I bet you didn’t decide to homeschool so you could work harder and accomplish less than the local school. The truth is that our kids are less educated in science and technology than most other developed countries. However, homeschoolers have the unique opportunity to offer their kids the best possible learning environment and the best in hands on science education too. You can give them the support and opportunities they need to compete in the global market of the 21st century. 

This Kid’s Chemistry course will include:

4 lessons. Each lesson includes a video for students to follow along and do experiments with.

Video lessons for the parents. Videos will show parents what the students will need to fill out in their worksheets (should they want the students to do that).

Paperwork for all 4 lessons. Paperwork to allow students to document their data.

Bonus Material. We will also include fun videos, worksheets and games for extended learning beyond our class.

For K-5th grade students.

Materials For this Class:

You may already have most of these materials at home!  Download the list to see what will be needed.  You can supply your own or purchase a kit at checkout.

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Easy & Stress Free

Homeschooling was never this easy! Our courses come with the tools you need to provide a strong education without the stress of driving.

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Overcome Fear

Science is no longer too complicated! Our easy to follow videos, workbooks and Facebook group will provide all the tools needed to succeed.

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Better Education from Home

Science-2-U offers the support and opportunities your children need to compete in the global market of the 21st century

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Flexible & Affordable Classes

Science-2-U offers all the resources you need or you can buy them yourself if that is a better option. And save money on all the gas you’re saving.

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