How to Register

  1. View current locations and class offerings on the Elementary or Secondary schedules (see right)
  2. Choose your classes, location, and times
  3. Enroll with our new Registration System

create account

You need to create a family account first.

If you have already created an account, click here to login.


  1. Create an Account by clicking on Sign Up

  1. Enter the Sign Up information and click on Submit
    A message displays letting you know that an email has been sent for confirmation.
  2. Click on the link to confirm registration and create a password
  3. An Account registration form will open in your browser

Complete your family profile.

  1. Enter the information about your family
  2. Read and sign the approval forms
  3. Add Student form displays
  4. Add each of your children who will be attending a Science2U class

Now you are ready to enroll your students in classes.

  1. Click on Students on the left menu
    To view all classes, click on Available Classes
  2. To register for a class, click on Student Enrollments
  3. Each student’s information is displayed in a box, click Add Class for the desired student
    Note: Pay Now button displays for students who are not part of a Charter school.
  4. Continue to add classes as desired.  Note: If the Enroll button is not available this means the class is currently full. If you want to be on a waiting list, click on Wait. If the class becomes available, you will be notified by email and your student is automatically enrolled in the class.
  5. If you are not part of a charter school, click on the Pay Now button once you have enrolled in all the desired classes. You will be able to pay through PayPal.

Patience please. This is a new system and we will be working out any problems for the first month. We would appreciate your patience and would be happy to receive any emails about problems you have or if something you, as a parent, would like to see for future updates. Thank you!

Price List:

Elementary Classes

  • $55 for each 1 hr. 4 week unit

Two Semester Year Long Classes

(this is the price per semester. These classes are 2 semesters in duration)

Payment received in advance of the class will hold your student’s spot in the class.

CHARTER SCHOOL STUDENTS DO NOT NEED A DEPOSIT, but must have approval for classes one week in advance. We cannot admit you into the class until your charter has informed us that you have a current Purchase order. Once you receive your PO, please go back into your account and enter the PO number for payment. If you do not have a PO in our system, by one week before class starts, your spot in the class will be given away to someone on the waiting list.


PayPal is offered for your convenience – (3% servicing fee). PLEASE PUT YOUR CHILD’S NAME, CLASS LOCATION, TIME AND CLASS NAME IN THE COMMENTS SECTION.
Credit Cards are accepted through PayPal’s secure site, or by contacting Jill.