We are SCIENCE-2-U

Our team of degreed professionals has developed a science program especially designed to meet the needs of homeschoolers. SCIENCE-2-U comes directly to your educational facility or home, along with all of the materials for lectures, experiments, and homework assignments.

Our classes for elementary and secondary aged students are based on both national and locally accepted guidelines for science curriculum to equip your child with the finest science education.

Homeschoolers are hard-working, industrious, busy people. Teaching the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic is a full-time job. After the basics, who has the time to develop a full science curriculum, much less, gather the materials and equipment for all of the experiments? Science-2-U fulfills the critical role that science plays in a comprehensive homeschooling education.

Please take a moment to browse our website, and then give us a call or email to see how your child can participate in the world of science through SCIENCE-2-U.

Science (Latin scientia, from scire, to know). Science truly is the pursuit of knowledge. The study of science fosters a sense of discovery as well as appreciation and wonder for how intricately our world was designed. Students acquire critical thinking and problem solving skills through scientifically evaluating data.