Elementary Science Classes

Elementary Science

Grades K-5 two-semester course
Cost of Class: $280 per semester
*See Locations and Schedules for possible additional Student Fees that may be added to your classes and possibly payable with charter funds.

Note: Lab supplies will be provided when students are In-Person for class. For online students, a supply list will be provided so they may do the experiments with us. The cost of lab supplies should also be covered by charter school funds if purchased through an approved vendor.

The subject of study changes monthly with a mix of physical and life science courses. The order of subjects will vary per location. These are not offered as individual sessions but as two-semester courses.

Inventors and Their Inventions

What does it take to be an inventor and make some of the most famous inventions of all time? We will complete some of the experiments that were used by inventors like Galileo (make a telescope) and Thomas Edison (make a light bulb). You will even make a few inventions of your own, like an apparatus to safely escort an egg from the top of a building to the ground. Put on your thinking caps before you come to this class!

The Incredible Human Body

Come discover how wonderfully intricate the human body is! We’ll explore the digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems as well as bones and muscles. You’ll learn how your own body works. Come join the fun!

Detective Investigations-Part 1

You’ll become a real forensic scientist as you use modern-day crime-solving techniques to solve a variety of mysteries. Some of the tests you will perform are fingerprint analysis, chromatography (ink analysis), hair analysis using microscopes, and more! There will be a new case to crack each week. Come join the fun!

The Tiny World of Microbes

Welcome to the wonderful world of microbes! We’ll look at the differences between plant and animal cells and also discover protists and bacteria. With the use of our microscopes, we’ll also discover what lives in a drop of pond water as well as some crazy new organisms each week! fi causes some things to float while others sink?

Let’s find the answers through hands-on experiments!

Space, The Final Frontier

The final frontier….come explore the planets of our solar system including satellites like our moon! We’ll discover what planets are made of and what the differences are among them. We’ll even discover why the Earth is the perfect place for us to live. You’ll get to make your own rocket to launch on the last day of class!

Rocks and Minerals

Come explore the fascinating world of rocks and minerals! We’ll explore crystal formation, and learn how to identify minerals through various tests like the Mohs hardness test, specific gravity, color, streak, and others. We’ll also learn about sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks.

Biology of Birds

Why do birds have feathers?

What kind of birds live near your home?

What are the different types of beaks and feet that birds have and what does that say about what they eat and where they live?

We’ll answer these and many more questions as we take an in-depth look at the biology of birds. We’ll even piece together what an owl had for breakfast by dissecting owl pellets! You won’t want to miss this fascinating look into the world of birds.

Mean, Green Photosynthesizing Machines

Come learn about the fascinating life of plants. Plants provide us with life-giving oxygen. In this class, we’ll grow our own plants and learn all about the different parts of plants, photosynthesis, and the carbon-oxygen cycle and we’ll also discover the process of germination and transpiration. You’ll be a real green thumb when you finish this class.

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