Biology – Grade Level 9-10

a-g certified (if charter approved)

Thursday – EIE (Lisa Wright)

     Thursday – Westminster (Jill Wilcox)

Class duration – 2 semesters

This class will include such topics as:

  • Intro to Chemistry
  • Cell Biology
  • Protein synthesis
  • Photosynthesis
  • Thorough coverage of Genetics
  • Classification and a survey of the Kingdoms including:
    • Archaebacteria
    • Eubacteria
    • Protista
    • Fungi
    • Plantae
    • Animalia
    • Human Anatomy and Physiology

This course meets weekly for 2 hours (1 hour of lecture, 1 hour of lab). Weekly homework assignments from the textbook, lab reports and handouts will be completed by the students at home each week. There will be 1-2 long-term projects. Tests will be sent home with the student to be administered by their parent and returned to class the following week. Two in-class practicum tests will be given by the instructor.

Cost: $400/Semester
Please view the Registration/Prices page.

A textbook is required, with two choices for text book available on Biology Textbooks.