Science-2-U is celebrating 25 years of serving the homeschool community! Thank you for being a part of it.


Meet Our Dedicated Instructors

Ms. Jill-Owner-TeacherSquare2MB

Jill Wilcox

     Hi, I’m Jill Wilcox (Miss Jill), owner of and instructor with Science-2-U. While I have my degree from CSU Northridge in Biology, I have continued learning through my 10 years in environmental toxicology, teaching science to eager homeschoolers since 1998, and living my life at the beach, fully immersed in scientific wonders. I am never bored and never cease to learn new things while exploring our amazing world. Science is exploration. I’ve traveled extensively and love to share fun and interesting stories about my adventures with students to pique their curiosity about the world they live in and all there is to learn.
     I enjoy being active and being with people. I take part in all of the wonderful sports that SoCal offers: surfing, electric skateboarding, bicycling, paddle boarding, boating, walking my adopted dogs, deep-sea fishing, and anything else I’m invited to do! I receive great joy from interacting face to face with my students. They definitely keep me feeling young and help me tap into my silly side. But my greatest joy comes when they get excited and participate in our labs and discussions!

Christine Benedict

      After earning my BA from UCLA and my Teaching Credential from UCI, I taught elementary school for 11 years, finding that the best teaching and learning experiences were experiential and hands-on. Eventually, I became a master teacher and conducted professional development training for teachers across the state. It was when I homeschooled my own son that I became aware of the amazing home-schooling community in Orange County.

     My teaching philosophy has always been hands-on experiential learning in a supportive loving setting. That is how I feel kids learn best. When they are “doing,” they are happier and more successful. Science2U is exactly that. Our curriculum not only teaches kids to do science but to love science. I began teaching for Science2U in 2014, realized it was a perfect match with my learning philosophy, and have been teaching hands-on science to the homeschooling community ever since. I am blessed to also teach and tutor other subjects including history, reading, literature, and Spanish. I absolutely love my job and feel so fortunate to be able to say, “My passion is my profession”.

Ginger Bolar

     Hello, my name is Ginger Bolar and I’m excited to be teaching Psychology at PCLC. In 2018, after many years of lay counseling and leading small groups focused on inner healing, I earned my Master’s degree in Counseling Ministry from California Baptist University and began working as a part-time counselor. For the past two years, I’ve been teaching high school juniors and seniors Intro to Psychology for dual credit at a local high school and Vanguard University. 
     A little about me- I am a SoCal native. I enjoy walking on the beach, coffee, event planning, and spending time with my loved ones. My husband and I have been married for 25 years, have four children, and together lead a teen Bible study that has been the highlight of our week for the past three years and counting.  One of my favorite things is to watch people blossom as they learn and grow. Though messy at times, teens are inclined to this type of type of growth. Being able to teach high school students a subject that interests them and relates to their lives in practical ways is extremely rewarding. 
     My homeschooling journey began in 2013 when my oldest daughter wanted to dedicate more time to ballet. I loved that I was able to tailor the educational experience to her needs and all the time we were able to spend together. I began homeschooling my second daughter the following year and now three of my four children have successfully graduated high school from home. My youngest will be a senior this coming year. PCLC has been an amazing community for my students and I look forward to joining this community as an instructor.

Martin Forte

     This is “Mr. Marty” welcoming you to our wonderful “Elementary Science Classes” at EIE.  My wife and I are the founders and owners of Excellence In Education, the home of homeschool freedom.  We met Miss Jill about 25 years ago and have been hosting and teaching Science2U classes ever since.  
     We are proud homeschooling grandparents and continue to operate EIE full time.  My wife (Carolyn) and I met on Mt. Whitney 53 years ago and love outdoor activities including hiking and camping.  We successfully homeschooled our two daughters (now in their 40’s) and try to spend time with our six grandchildren whenever possible. 
     I love teaching the elementary classes where I combine knowledge and fun to create an inviting environment for the children to develop a love for science.

Cynthia Howard

     Hi, I’m Cynthia Howard!  I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacological Chemistry from the University of California, San Diego.  My initial venture toward pharmacy school eventually transformed into a passion for working in the chemistry laboratory.  In addition to my experience working within the pharmacological research field, my most recent employment in the petroleum industry for a major energy company involved the analytics of petroleum products, byproducts, off-gases, and wastewater. 
     After having children and participating in preschool cooperatives, I discovered a passion for working with children and the magical learning experiences that accompany the teaching environment. Two years ago I began teaching science classes for our homeschool cooperative – I absolutely love seeing my children excitedly learning about the various intricacies of science!  My goal is to impart that same level of excitement to my classroom students of Science-2-U!
     A little more about myself – I am a homeschooling mother of three children with a love for gardening, baking sourdough bread, playing volleyball, swimming, relaxing with a good book, singing, and water polo.  I also play the trumpet and I am currently raising a trio of backyard quails named Teddy Jr., Marshmallow, and Jenkins! 

Terri Melton

     Hi, I’m Terri Melton. Ever since I can remember, I have loved being outdoors and learning about nature. Being a Long Beach native, I have spent countless hours exploring our beaches, mountains, and desert. It is my pleasure now to be able to mix my passion and experiences with teaching science.
     I came to Science-2-U just a few years ago. I am so glad to be teaching Marine Science and Earth Science to our PCLC Middle Schoolers. My own homeschooled son took all of his middle and high school classes with this program, so I know firsthand what an excellent program it is!
I graduated from Cal State Long Beach and have a teaching credential. After 25 years of classroom experience in the public school system, I found homeschooling and loved it! When I am not teaching, I enjoy hanging out with my family, friends, and my two dogs.
     I feel privileged to be part of the PCLC community and look forward to serving our families!

Jennifer Morgan

     Hello, I’m Jennifer Morgan.  I am thrilled to be teaching middle school science at Science-2-U. I am in awe of the wonders and intricacies of this world around us and continue to be inspired by what beauty we encounter! 
     I grew up in Western NY, completing my undergrad and grad work in Home Economics Education. I loved teaching middle school in NY for many years. During each fall, I still faithfully cheer for my Buffalo Bills!
     Moving to Huntington Beach, I married Bill and helped create a middle school program at a local Christian School. I spent years teaching science and math, igniting fires to love Algebra1!
     I began the homeschool journey with my three children and have loved learning together as a family. The gift of homeschooling their unique talents and abilities has brought me great joy. This year we are graduating our youngest child, completing the journey! 
     My favorite days are spending time on a quad in the desert, reenacting Civil War with my son, and hiking local trails with family.

Julie Orr

Hi, I’m Julie Orr. I’ve been a teacher and a student my whole life. I believe that no matter how much I know about any subject, there’s always more to learn and I love sharing anything and everything I’ve learned along the way with anyone who will listen! Learning new stuff is fun!
     I have more than 30 years of teaching experience in a variety of classroom settings; from preschoolers to adults, from one-on one teaching to an auditorium of 600 plus elementary-aged students. But my favorite part of teaching is being in a classroom and building relationships with my students and their families and sharing my enthusiasm for all the wonderful things there are to learn.

Malia Poggio

     Hi, I’m Malia Poggio. I am so excited to be teaching middle school science to the homeschool community. I am originally from Hawaii and have grown up primarily in Southern California. I have spent my whole life exploring and discovering the wonders of nature throughout the many ecosystems the two states offer.
     I am also a homeschool mom to my two elementary-age children. I am thrilled to get to share that joy of nature and discovery with them. You will often find us hiking and camping with our two huskies all year round.
     I have been teaching students of all ages through my church for over 20 years. I also hold a certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine in fitness training. I love all things fitness and nutrition and have dedicated countless hours of study to the human body and proper nutrition.
     I am honored to be a part of the EIE and Science-2-U communities.

Talia Steadman

Hello, my name is Talia Steadman. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, Summa Cum Laude, from CSUF. I am passionate about learning and teaching, regardless of the circumstance or subject. I’ve taught academics in a classroom setting, nutrition/exercise in a clinical setting, and spiritual and personal development in various settings across the globe. 
Before having the privilege of being a science teacher, I worked in diverse medical settings, including physical therapy, chiropractic, airway therapy, and specialized orthodontics. I also have had the great honor of working alongside several faith-based ministries in 28 nations throughout the past decade. 
My faith, travels, and work experience shape how I see the world and fuel my love for inspiring the next generation. Being homeschooled myself from elementary through middle school led to many opportunities and successes. It helped me grow through challenges, cultivate my strengths, and prepare me for life beyond my dreams. I want to help students reach their highest potential while learning about themselves and the fantastic world around them.

Lisa Wright

     Hello, I’m Lisa Wright. I hold a B.Sc. from the University of New Mexico where I double-majored in microbiology and chemistry. I’ve worked in the UNM Microbiology Research Laboratory both as a researcher and assistant in the teaching labs. I’m originally from Idaho, where I enjoyed constantly being in the mountains hiking and fishing, My joy is sharing my passion for the amazing world around us. I have been teaching science classes for 22 years, from elementary through AP classes. 
     I now focus my time on high-school biology, chemistry, environmental science, and occasionally physics. I love to inspire even the most reluctant student to enjoy the study of the physical and natural world.  And my honors and AP classes will definitely prepare students wanting to pursue STEM degrees in college. My classes are full of hands-on wet labs that are exciting, fun, and sometimes smelly! I am also the Children’s ministry director at Sovereign Grace Church of Pasadena, where I reside with my husband and 4 children.