Science-2-U Receives 2020 Best of Lakewood Award

We at Science-2-U believe that homeschoolers are our future, so it is our passion to make sure they are prepared to function in the future as critical thinkers who are able to find logical solutions based on discoverable facts. Offering high quality homeschool science classes for the past 22 years, we provide tried and true, interactive, hands-on, exciting science classes. Your student will catch our passion for science and alongside the hard work of education you are doing at home will be prepared for the next step in their educational journey. They learn skills such as working with lab partners, the names and proper use of scientific equipment and problem solving with the scientific method. Each class is designed to be relatable so the students can understand their lessons and build a strong foundation in science. Our elementary students are well prepared to enter out middle and high school classes such as life science, earth science, physical science, biology and chemistry. Students who have completed our jr. high and high school classes go on to be accepted at some of the top colleges in our nation. Science taught well at a young age leads to creative, critically thinking adults.


Our all hands-on approach to elementary science keeps kids playing while they are learning science!

Our middle schoolers continue to learn with hands-on labs but also have lectures, homework and projects to keep them progressing to the next level.

Our high school students receive a-g level classes that will prepare them for entry into a university or their career choice. 


Have you ever worried that you can’t teach your children science well?
Do you have a fear that science will be too complicated or will take too much time or be too expensive to do yourself?

The truth is that our kids are less educated in science and technology than most other developed countries. However, homeschoolers have the unique opportunity to offer their kids the best possible learning environment and the best in hands-on science education too. 

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